I. Van Laningham

When there was a priesthood of computer operators in the 60s, I was in it; I helped to create the Y2K bug.  I was an anthropology major in college where I acquired a continuing interest in archaeology and archaeoastronomy, other places and other peoples.  I both protested against and served in the Vietnam war, spending all of 1970 in the Republic of Việt Nam in a place called Củ Chi.  I have worked for the U.S. Postal Service, both as tool & parts clerk and rural mail carrier.  I was a joat for a mobile home park, obtained a forklift operator’s license, worked in restaurants, sold shoes, lost my shirt as a luthier and clerked in bookstores.  I became a computer hardware tech for Compion which became Gould which became Motorola which turned me into a software engineer, from which trade I am currently retired.  I have been a Buddhist for many years, a development I can trace directly to my time in Việt Nam.  In 2002, I was fortunate to be able to return for three weeks, and was able to revisit Củ Chi and Sàigòn as well as see new places, such as Hue and Hà Nội.  I am an expert on the Mayan calendar and can read and write Mayan hieroglyphs (with great difficulty, however).


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